How We Work: A Look Into Creating Inspired Partnerships

HOW WE WORKPeople ask us all the time how we work successfully together. In today’s episode, we share some practical tools that we use to create an inspired partnership and what we think is pretty darn cool and progressive business culture. We’ve worked with enough clients to know that not all partnerships are inspired. Learn some of the tools and strategies we use to keep our communication harmonious and our business moving forward! You can use these for business or any relationship!

Mentioned in this Episode: Do you have workplace irritation? Join Alice Inoue as Happiness U and PBN University collaborate once again to bring you a class that shows you how to find the root cause of some workplace irritations to help increase team morale and productivity! Wednesday, August 31, 8am. Share with your HR director!

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  1. MenJ

    Working in partnership depend on the person who is the partner. If partner calculate everything thing then its hard to be in partnership. If he or she can sacrifice some time like to give more time and work then Partnership can be successful.


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